Brandon Pain Treatment Center

Neurosomatic Therapy (NST) is an integrative system of manual therapy that treats pain and dysfunction by addressing the source of the patient’s condition, not just the symptoms. NST synthesizes the most effective massage and manual therapy techniques currently in practice. It uses advanced techniques guided by a clear understanding of anatomy, posturology, trigger points, and body mechanics.

NST is innovative in the treatment of dysfunctions involving the cranium, atlas/axis, spine, spinal cord, and viscera.

Wellness begins with a balanced structure. Treating the physiology alone may only serve to hide the symptoms.

St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center

Founders of Neurosomatic Therapy

At St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center, we look at the body differently. We excel at discovering and treating structural imbalances in the body that cause pain and a wide array of health issues. Balancing the physical body through precise and effective soft tissue therapy provides our patients with lasting relief from pain and sets us apart from traditional pain treatments.

Cryo Body Revive

In January 2021 the seeds of Cryo Body ReVive, a unique "healing playground," were planted by Kristin, a long time Numbers-and-Tech-Geek turned Real Estate agent, who has a passion for helping people.

After experiencing success with her pain and Neurosomatic Therapy, she first heard the amazing results of this unique Cryotherapy device and immediately had to check it out.

When she found the service did not exist within an hour of her Palm Harbor home, a dream was born. The goal is for everyone that walks through the front door to feel amazing while they are there and more amazing when they leave than when they arrive.