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Neurosomatic Therapy

NST is an integrative form of structural medicine that identifies the root cause of pain and dysfunction with non-invasive manual therapy and targeted treatment. By bringing together the science of postural alignment and the benefits of massage therapy, this innovative approach to pain treatment is focused on educating you every step of the way. Approaching the body as one whole six-dimensional object allows us to identify seemingly simple solutions for many chronic ailments. Discover how Neurosomatic Therapy can affect your healing journey.

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Health Coaching

The wellness environment and overwhelming amount of options offered today is enough to drive anyone to give up. Why try to reinvent the wheel or figure out all the options yourself? Our commitment to custom wellness solutions means you come first and we are here to match you with the resources that we believe will make the biggest impact. Schedule an initial appointment to help you maximize your wellness, so you can focus on what you're really meant to do here.

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Bach Flower Remedy

Bach flowers are homeopathic remedies taken to help treat mental and emotional problems. Bach Flowers are prepared by soaking flowers in water and exposed to sunlight to extract the essence of the flower. With 38 different remedies we offer a one on one consultation to find the Bach flower remedy best for you.

Disease of the body itself is nothing but the result of the disharmony between soul and mind. Remove the disharmony, and we regain harmony between soul and mind, and the body is once more perfect in all its parts.’-Dr. Edward Bach

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Compression Therapy

Boost circulation, reduce muscle soreness and accelerate recovery with this efficient compression massage system engineered with attachments to fit the arm and torso, hips and low back, or legs and boots. Your customizable session can include any combination of attachments and pressure programs.

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Lifewave Products

As thousands around the world can attest to, LifeWave will help you approach each day with more drive, enthusiasm, and passion. And when you’re at your best, new possibilities open up all around you

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Orthopedic cupping massage stretches and releases soft tissue restrictions, which can create a human domino effect of better tissue metabolism and a greater range of motion that can lead to better athletic performance and other health-related benefits.

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Are you looking for NST but not in the Tampa Bay area? Or maybe you are planning surgery and would like an unbiased second opinion, or just have some questions about your health. We are here to answer your questions and navigate the sometimes-treacherous medical landscape. Schedule a donation-based virtual appointment to discuss alternative options today.